THRIVE 2017 Year-End Giving Campaign

The Haiti Collective Foundation exists to serve the operational and administrative needs of THC and facilitate future growth and expansion opportunities that await us in the coming year. We are excited to share with you the THRIVE 2017 Year-End Giving Campaign because it speaks to all of our efforts to see gospel transformation through local churches resulting in changed lives and developed communities.

Our year-end goal has been set this year at $50,000 to be reached by the end of 2017. Together, we can meet and exceed this financial need! We’d like to share with you several ways you can participate this year.

5 Way to Participate in THRIVE 2017

1. Join us for Giving Tuesday (November 28, 2017)

On of our board members has pledged a $2,500 gift match exclusively for Giving Tuesday, so for every dollar you give on November 28, it will be matched up to that amount! If you’d like to participate, go here to have your gift doubled this year!

2. Help us meet upcoming gift-matching opportunities

Stay tuned during the month of December as flash opportunities to double your gift will be announced on our website and social media accounts. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming announcements. These exciting flash opportunities will help inch us forward toward our goal this year!

3. Partner with us on a monthly basis by joining THC Foundation

The Haiti Collective Foundation is looking for financial partners to pledge their financial support on a monthly basis for 2018. Our goal for THRIVE 2017 is for 10 new partners at $100/month, 25 new partners at $50/month, and 50 new partners at $25/month. By joining the THC Foundation, you are investing in the heart and soul of our mission by underwriting our operational needs to executive effectively here as well as in Haiti. To sign up to be a part of THC Foundation for 2018, click here.

4. Involve your local business through THRIVE 2017

A new, unique opportunity this year comes from the developing relationships we enjoy with various business leaders and owners from across the country. Many businesses are desiring to have more social responsibility awareness and engage their employees in giving back this time of the year. To learn more about how businesses can partner with us, visit this page on our website. To donate online, please go to our business partnership giving page.

5. Challenge your friends on social networks to join you

Whether you realize it, you are an influencer! Everyone has influence; it just matters how we steward that influence for the greater good. A simple way you can influence others to give at the close of this year is inviting them to join you in giving back to help The Haiti Collective thrive in our gospel-driven efforts to make sustainable gains and long-term impact in Haiti.

Your year-end tax-deductible gift, no matter how big or small, will undoubtedly make a difference this year for our organization. We simply cannot do it without your support! So from everyone who is a part of The Haiti Collective, we humbly say THANK YOU for helping us continue our mission so that many more orphans can be loved, pastors trained, churches planted, and communities impacted for the glory of God!

Caring for Orphans

Through the network of partnerships and programs, The Haiti Collective has served hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children with nutritious food security, church-based education, and multi-faceted health care. Your support enables us to expand our work among orphans to more communities desiring the opportunity to thrive in 2018.

Training Leaders

The Haiti Collective is dedicated to encouraging and equipping local church leaders through national Bible conferences, theological resources, and monthly cohorts where they dig deeper into their calling to make disciples, shepherd the flock, and serve their community. Currently, we have over 30 pastors and 70 leaders in our leadership development program.

Developing Communities

Whenever the gospel takes root, it will bear fruit in transformation to people and places. Seeking the welfare of the community, The Haiti Collective partners with local churches to bless their communities with much-needed development projects, including clean water through wells, medical and dental clinics, micro-finance opportunities, and free education for vulnerable children who cannot afford public schools.

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