Freedom Church (Lincolnton, NC) partners in Haiti with the SCH church in Saint-Marc. From the beginning, they have jumped in with both feet to make a deep impact in Haiti with the gospel. Recently, we reached out to Pastor Michael white to learn more about their partnership and what they have been doing lately.

THC: Michael, thank you for allowing us to interview you about your involvement with The Haiti Collective. 2017 marks the first full year you have been partnering in Haiti. How has the cross-cultural partnership impacted Freedom Church?

MW: We’re still on the front end of our partnership, but we’re beginning to see it broaden the horizons of our people, and specifically, to spur them on to use natural giftings and professional talents for the good of the global church. Just last week—out of nowhere—one entrepreneurial-minded church member shared some thoughts about economic development through our Haitian partner. Our church has also rallied behind the THC child sponsorship program, which serves as an ongoing, concrete way to fulfill James 1:27. We want international missions engagement to fuel local missions effort, and vice versa, and our THC partnership is an integral part of that strategy.

THC: One of the things you have done well over the past year is keep the partnership active especially when you are not overseas on a trip. What are some ways you have kept the mission partnership in Haiti in the forefront of your church family over the past year?

MW: We’ve staggered our emphasis. Our orphan care fundraiser, the Freedom 5K Run for Orphans, is in the spring, while our child sponsorship Sunday is held in the fall. In addition, we commit a percentage of our end-of-year international missions giving to THC. When you factor in the promotion for each of these events—in addition to our yearly trip—our people hear about Haiti often.

THC: What are some of the benefits you have found working with and through an organization like The Haiti Collective to continue long-term mission engagement?

MW: Because THC is a collective, we’re part of a community of like-minded churches together doing similar work in Haiti. The collective is a tremendous resource—for vision, training, encouragement, and implementation. THC has pioneered our church partnership, but we’re not alone as we serve and build it out. As the myriad questions related to cross-cultural ministry arise, there’s an accessible knowledge base of answers—and also a thoughtful conversation partner for when solutions aren’t clear cut.

THC: For pastors and church leaders looking for direction related to cross-cultural missions, why would you encourage them to consider joining The Haiti Collective?

MW: For us, it’s all about like-mindedness—both in terms of a shared commitment to The Gospel Coalition confessional statement and a philosophy of ministry steeped in the wisdom of books like When Helping Hurts. THC creates a ready pathway for churches to come alongside Haitian churches as they make disciples, care for orphans, and work for the good of their communities. It is genuinely focused on the local church as the center for kingdom work—both stateside and cross-culturally. THC is an accessible, accountable, and careful partner who helps our church make a real, lasting cross-cultural impact which bears genuine fruit, and I feel confident that THC would do the same for any church.

The Haiti Collective is grateful for the leadership of our partner churches and their ongoing commitment to carry out the vision of gospel transformation in Haiti. To know more about how your church can become a partner church with The Haiti Collective, fill out the online form here or email us at

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