At the core of our philosophy of mission is a desire for church partners to engage in short-term mission for a long-term commitment to bring about gospel transformation in their partner church and community. A new way we began doing this over the past year is micro business opportunities that also focus on sustainable nutritional care for orphans in the form of a poultry farm. 

In Fall of 2016, we launched our first poultry farm in Desarmes which is now providing eggs for orphans in four orphan schools. This Spring, we just launched our second poultry farm in Port-de-Paix through their partnership with The Journey Church (Lebanon, TN). The Journey sent a team in early March to assist in the construction of the chicken coop, and in early April, 50 chickens arrived to their new home where they will be providing eggs for orphans and vulnerable children in Port-de-Paix!

We are grateful for the vision and generosity of business and church partners to help us forward the vision of long-term sustainable care. Addressing the nutritional needs of our children in Haiti is vital to their overall well-being and enables them to flourish in other areas of their development.

Below are pictures of the new chicken coop in Port-de-Paix!


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