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Sponsorship InfographicThe Haiti Collective, with our partner organization (the Society of Christians in Haiti – SCH), cares for more than 1500 orphans and vulnerable children. The fourteen churches that make up the SCH have taken these children under their care but struggle to meet even their most basic needs. They receive no assistance for their care from the government.  Through our Libere Initiative (Creole for “Liberate”), we are able to provide immediate relief by ensuring each child has access to clean water and receives at least one meal per day.

This relief effort, however, merely “stops the bleeding”. This is where child sponsorship through The Haiti Collective comes in. It allows the churches to seize new opportunities for development and empowerment so they can more effectively care for orphans and vulnerable children in their community.

What Sponsorship Means

Every child we sponsor is cared for by a local Haitian church. This means each child is not only given practical love and care, but they are also taught a biblical world view by leaders who live under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

In addition to ministering to the needs of one specific child, your sponsorship will also minister to a community of children and the church that cares for them. We have structured our sponsorship program to avoid creating “have’s” and “have-not’s” among the children. A portion of your support benefits the child individually and a portion benefits the group of children cared for by the church. The child you sponsor will receive a uniform for school, books and school supplies, access to medical care, nutritious meals, and shelter. A portion of your sponsorship will be used to pay for teachers and educational resources to  provide education for your sponsored child as well as the larger group of children.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The children in Haiti are often grouped into categories such as “double orphan”, “single orphan”, “legal orphan”, or “functional orphan”. We have chosen to use the categories of “orphan” and “vulnerable child” to describe the status of children under our care in order to avoid confusion. Orphans are children who have no parents at all or have been completely abandoned by their parents. Vulnerable children may have one or both parents still alive, but their parents are not able to provide the care they need.

Multiple Sponsorships

The needs of orphaned children are greater than vulnerable children, and as such, the churches carry a greater burden in caring for them. Multiple sponsorships for orphaned children are needed to fully provide their caretakers with the resources necessary for these children. Therefore, we make it possible for orphans to have up to four sponsors, while vulnerable children can have up to two sponsors. This approach equips and empowers Haitian churches to more effectively care for orphans in their community.

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