Called to Faithfulness

During the weekend of March 3-5, our executive team lead a regional Bible conference in Desarmes, Haiti. 40 church leaders from across the Artibonite area came together to learn about biblical faithfulness. Topics included faithfulness to the Bible, faithfulness to the gospel, faithfulness to the church, and faithfulness to the glory of God. Included in our time of training was corporate gathering and special Lord’s Supper service on Sunday evening.

Within our commitment of theological education and leadership development, we endeavor to provide resources to help equip leaders and build their theological libraries to train emerging leaders in their church and community. We were very excited to partner with Publications Chretiennes once again to gift each of our local pastors The Dictionary of Biblical Theology. This resource has three parts: an overview of biblical theology and hermeneutics (part one), a concise summary and key themes of each book of the Bible (part two), and 200+ entries in the Bible Dictionary (part three). We asked for 30 copies, but at the time there were only 29 in print in the world, so we gladly took all of them and delivered them into the hands of our grateful pastors in Haiti!


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