Our Affiliations

The Haiti Collective is grateful for the various organizations, networks, and businesses who have supported our efforts in various ways, including consulting, training, and co-laboring. We want to express our appreciation for their efforts to help us accomplish our mission, and to do so with excellence.

Gospel Systems, Inc.

Gospel Systems Logo Cropped (Color) - WEB smallIn 2014, Gospel Systems, Inc. was formed as a non-profit corporation to serve as the executive umbrella for The Haiti Collective. GSi exists to create and perpetuate healthy delivery systems for the advancement of the gospel around the world. The Haiti Collective represents the international delivery system of GSi. Governed by a strong board and serviced by a skillful team of advisers, GSi works to promote THC in accomplishing its mission and vision. The values of GSi are shaped around the Great Commission as given by Jesus:

  • Pursue God’s mission (“go into all the world”)
  • Make systems in order to multiply (“make disciples of all people”)
  • Local church is central to mission (“baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Spirit”)
  • Training/training is essential (“teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you”)
  • Contextual involvement (“I am with you always….”)

New York City Leadership Center

nyclc_logo_finalSince 2013, THC has been a regular participant in the New York City Leadership Center Global Action Initiatives and Conferences. The Global Action Initiative is a coalition of diverse partners that are committed to work together to alleviate the root causes of poverty around the world. We provide training and engagement opportunities for pastors and mission agency leaders that highlight best practices in global missions. By facilitating coordination and efficiency among churches and mission agencies, we increase our ability to change a world in desperate need. The Global Action Initiative highlights methodologies that create empowerment and holistic community development and focuses on developing the strengths that reside in a community rather than only addressing the needs of an area. Some of the ways THC has been helped by the Global Action Initiatives include

  • How to Develop a Micro Enterprise, Micro Lending/Micro Banking Program
  • Engaging in Business as Mission
  • Poverty Alleviation through Job Creation
  • Strength-Based Assessments
  • Creating Sustainable Mission Projects
  • Innovative Funding Strategies
  • Keeping the Church at the Center of Mission Work
  • Innovative Agricultural Concepts
  • Global Evangelism Strategies
  • Creating Church to Church Partnerships
  • Principles of Community Development

Accord Network

accord-networkTHC was introduced to the Accord Network through NYCLC in 2013. They serve as a catalyst for learning, collaboration and building Christ-centered unity around the shared vision of eliminating poverty. Accord Network serves Christian organizations and churches involved in this vision to achieve the highest standards, principles and effectiveness in relief and development. What has been particularly helpful to THC is the “8 Principles of Integral Mission” and how that has influenced our philosophy of mission as an organization. While not officially a part of the Accord Network, we strongly agree with its principles and purpose (and hope to formalize a relationship in the near future). The eight principles of integral mission are:

  1. Our Christian faith is at the center of our identity, motive and manner of being.
  2. We acknowledge the reality and significance of the spiritual realm.
  3. The Church is central.
  4. Transformational practices start with us.
  5. We recognize the whole system of poverty.
  6. In our relationship journey with the church, our local partners, and the community, we enter as guests, co-labor as partners, and continue as friends.
  7. We support local communities and churches in measuring all that matters.
  8. We tell the story with integrity.
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